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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne - Common Myths That Hover In Our Mind

March 14, 2019
Carpet Cleaning Melbourne - Common Myths That Hover In Our Mind
Regular carpet cleaning in Melbourne keeps the carpet look beautiful, fresh and clean for several years. Despite this, the homeowners are often reluctant to get it clean due to some misconceptions and concerns about the problems that cleaning can cause. But what most of the homeowners don’t know if there are several myths associated with carpet cleaning. Now, here are some myths you should know about when availing carpet cleaning services.
Will the carpets take several days to dry after cleaning?
The answer is no, it won’t. However, it depends entirely on the weather condition and if the experts have used excess moisture. But an expert carpet cleaner uses machinery that won’t over-wet the carpets so they would be dry within a short span of time. This myth that carpet takes several days to dry is a complete myth. All established companies offer fast carpet cleaning.
Will the carpets re-soil after cleaning?
Now, this is another misconception that you hear frequently. But if the carpet has been cleaned using the right equipment, chemicals, etc this would never be the case. However, the carpet would re-soil only of the right cleaning chemicals aren’t suitable for the fiber. Also, if the stains have not been removed, there are chances it would get stuck. 
Does regular carpet cleaning damage the carpets?
Absolutely not and in order to maintain the carpets you must clean it regularly or from time to time. The misconception that carpet cleaning in Melbourne process can wear out the carpets doesn’t hold true. Professional carpet cleaning removes dirt, grease, etc that damage the fibers and prolongs the life of the carpets. 
Are all carpet cleaning processes the same?
You might wonder if all the processes are the same, but the truth is different. For instance, dry carpet cleaning methods are different and suitable for light maintenance and commercial carpets. Others can use hot water extraction methods using a good carpet cleaning machine. 
Is a DIY carpet cleaning method good?
This is half true as you can do it on your own, but you won’t ever the desired result. This is because you neither have the right equipment nor the skill to get the proper result. On the other hand, the professionals have all the necessary skill and tool and can give you excellent result in a short span. 
So, If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Melbourne, ensure you know the myths associated with it. Carpet cleaning is suitable for all carpet types, not carpet cleaning processes are the same, etc. 
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