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Carpet Wrinkles: The Major Carpeting Problem and How to Fix Them?

July 05, 2019
Carpet Wrinkles: The Major Carpeting Problem and How to Fix Them?
When you flip through home improvement magazines or take a glimpse of the interior design shows, what you'll mostly see is stone, tile or hardwood flooring. These materials are although seen as high-end trends when it comes to home remodeling, carpeting still holds its place as a form of popular flooring option in the Melbourne market. The carpeting, in fact, offers natural warmth & noise insulation to a room. Moreover, you can never beat the comfort level that it provides to your feet. But there are many problems that you may face with carpeting. Let's find out what are the major kinds of problems that one may face with installing carpets in their home. 
A wrinkle in time 
Just like all kinds of flooring, carpeting can also sustain some wear & tear. Especially in areas that face high traffic, the pile may get worn down or stains can occur. Although these problems may be prevented easily with decorative rugs or carpet runners, the real problems arise when carpeting gets unfastened. 
Unlike the stone or hardwood floors, which are available in solid pieces, carpeting is basically sewn together in different layers of fabrics and materials meaning that the pile or installation itself may become undone slowly over time. This is mostly seen in the form of wrinkles, which generally occur in a room's edge. However, if not addressed then and there, these wrinkles may spread in its numbers as well as size, taking over the entire area of the house very within a short span. These folds are not only unsightly, they even happen to be dangerous because they are camouflaged tripping hazard to the elderly, children & other guests. So, now the question is how do you get wrinkles out of the carpet. 
Is it a wise idea to get the problem fixed all by yourself? 
Before the problem gets worse, you would want to fix the glitch as soon as possible. You can think of reinstalling the carpet all by yourself if you want but for that, you will need a lot of special tools. Firstly, a power stretcher would be needed for most of the work. A knee kicker or smaller stretcher can also be called upon for tight corners. Then you will want tack boards or stapler & padding as well as a carpet cutter or utility knife for creating the seams. In fact, you'll need to rent a lot of things before starting with the work, which is even quite hard on knees and may cause a crick in your back with bending. 
So, what's the best option? 
By the time you add up all the expenses to your body and budget, you will see that it is more reasonable to hire a contractor. They are economical and can finish the carpet restretching job in no time and without any hassle. Plus, it involves a lot of skill, and often, an amateur makes visible mistakes and causes extra harm to the fabric. So, in order to avoid extra repair works or the expense of replacing a carpet, which is quite a lot, it is always a smart idea to get the job done right the first time by hiring a pro from Sunrise Carpet Specialists for your carpet stretching services.

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