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How To Restretch Your Carpet: Get The Major Steps (Part I)

September 11, 2019
How To Restretch Your Carpet: Get The Major Steps (Part I)
Carpet bubbles are very frustrating to make the carpet unorganized. It can be caused by the improper installation of the carpet. Moreover, it is used roughly than these bubbles may appear. In Melbourne, many homeowners are facing this problem. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by carpet restretching technique. This is an easy process. Let’s discuss how to restretch your carpet step by step.
Step 1: Remove the Furniture
Generally, when you are planning to restretch your carpet you need to make your room empty. So before starting the operation, keep away all the furniture such as a table, chairs, couch, wooden racks from the room. 
Step 2: Vacuuming
While removing the furniture, some kinds of dust or tiny particles might be absorbed into the carpet fiber. So, after you have removed all the furniture, ensure to clean the carpet with your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust particles.
Step 3: Peel back your old Carpet
In this step, you have to peel back your old carpet properly. Generally, carpets are attached to the tack strips. These strips are located at the carpet’s edges. So, you need to start the operation from one corner. Pull up and push out slowly from the strips. If you face some difficulties, grab the corner by using the two pliers and then pull it properly from the strips. Always remember, never tug the carpet from all sides of your room and also never pull the carpet roughly. If you pull it roughly then the carpet fiber can be separated and damaged. Also, if you face problems while tugging then it's better to call a professional.
Step 4: Pull out the old tacks or Staples 
Now, you have to pull out the old tacks or staples from the strips. During this step, a flat-head screwdriver or pliers are very much essential. The entire process, you need to do with proper care and safety. You should wear safety gloves while pulling out the staples from the strips.
Step 5: Remove the Strips
Once you have tugged put all the tacks or staples, remove the damaged strips carefully. Here, you need to use a durable hammer and flat-head screwdriver or a pry bar. At first, place the pry bar underneath the old strips and then hit the bar carefully with the hammer to remove the strips. During this process, you need to maintain proper safety. Wear protective goggles and safety gloves. Gather all the removed strips and tack them in a bucket and keep away from the room. 
This carpeting process involves many other steps. Here, we have only discussed how to remove your carpet and old tack strips. The remaining steps including tack strips installation and carpet laying will be discussed in our next blog.

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