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How To Restretch Your Carpet: Get The Major Steps (Part II)

October 11, 2019
How To Restretch Your Carpet: Get The Major Steps (Part II)
Carpet restretching is an easy and simple process. You should follow some simple steps to restretch your carpet. We have discussed the restretching process in our previous blog “How to restretch your carpet: Get the major steps (Part I) ”. In this blog, we will complete the entire restretching process.
Vacuuming: Once you have removed the strips and the peeled the carpet back, you need to clean the dusty floor by using your domestic vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming helps to clean the surface dust, loose staples, splinters, grim and other tiny particles. After vacuuming, check the floor properly. If you find any loosen plywoods then you should secure them by using nails and hammer immediately.
Install new strips: Now, it’s time to install new tack strips. At first, you need to cut them by using a tin snip and then lay them with the help of nail and hammer. You can use a punch for sinking the nails into the surface.
Reset the carpet pad: After installing the tack strips, you need to set the carpet pad over the tack strip. You need to trim the pad by using a carpet cutter or knife.
Gather all restretching tools: Now, you need to gather all carpet restretching tools. For that, you should visit a carpet repairing store and rent the essential restretching tools and equipment. However, if you want to restretch your carpets professionally then no need to rent the tools. Experts always bring the necessary tools and equipment for carpet restretching. Some common tools are power stretcher, knee-kicker, advanced carpet cutter etc.
Lay down your carpet: Now, you need to install the carpet properly over the carpet padding. If you want to install a new carpet then you have to measure it accurately and cut it by using a utility knife. Use a power stretcher for laying the carpet down. You need to press down the lever properly for removing the carpet bubbles. The lever of a power stretcher generally requires a certain amount of pressure. So, excessive pressure is not required.
Finish the process of stretching: In this step, restretch the corner portions of your carpets by using a knee kicker. This is a handy tool. You need to place the head of this tool about 15.2 cm from your wall and stretch the carpet by using your leg. Once you have done the stretching, you need to cut the extra carpet by using a carpet cutter.
This carpeting process is simple. In Melbourne, many companies offer effective carpet restretching process at a low cost. Their advanced techniques restretch your carpets perfectly. If you are interested then hire them soon.

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