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Top six carpet stain cleaning expert tips that you need to know

July 22, 2019
Top six carpet stain cleaning expert tips that you need to know
Unwanted stains or spills can easily damage your carpet. However, removing stains is not a difficult task. You just need to know the tricks and processes. In this blog, we will give you some stain removal techniques which are highly recommended by carpet cleaning professionals. Let’s discuss them in brief.
Vacuum regularly
If you would like to keep your carpet neat and fresh then regular carpet cleaning is very much essential. According to the cleaning experts, if you clean your carpet by using your vacuum cleaner everyday then impurities, dusts and unwanted stains can’t be absorbed in the carpet fiber permanently. 
Deal with stains instantly
If you don’t have any carpet stain remover then you can instantly remove the stains or spills by using a paper towel. This instant cleaning process is highly recommended by professionals. However this process is not much effective but it can save your carpet from major damages. 
Blotting is essential
If you want to remove your carpet stain then blot the stain instead of rubbing it. You will need to blot it with the help of a sponge, paper towel or a cloth. Experts say, not to apply maximum pressure on the affected area during this process.
Use high-quality stain remover
High-quality stain remover is the best option to clean any kind of carpet stain. Many carpet cleaning companies provide their own stain removal products and these are really effective. Moreover, you can also create homemade stain remover with white vinegar and baking powder. Experts say, homemade stain removers are suitable for instant cleaning but not for heavy stains.
Use carpet protector
Experts suggest to use a good carpet protector for cleaning your carpet stains. Carpet protectors are very much cost-effective and useful for domestic purposes. You will need to spray the protector on the stain area and then wash with water carefully.
Use shaving cream
Wondering whether a shaving cream stain removal agent? To your surprise, it is yes. This means you can easily clean carpet stains with the help of your shaving cream. It is very easy to do. Firstly, apply the shaving cream to the affected area of your carpet and then rub the cream properly. After 30 minutes, wash the area with clean water. Once done, the stain will be completely removed.
These are the most effective tips that you need to keep in your mind for your carpet stain removal. However, if you want to clean your carpet stain professionally opt for a carpet cleaning company. In Melbourne, there many companies that offer budget-friendly carpet cleaning services. Sunrise Carpet Specialists is one them. So, call professionals at Sunrise Carpet Specialists to avail their services.

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