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Frequently Asked Question

Any more questions you have please do not hesitate to ask and we will try our best to answer. Please leave on our inquiry form. 

Dry cleaning or Steam cleaning?

Dry cleaning is bonnett buffing and is more of a interim maintenance clean between steam cleans. Steam cleaning injects hot water and extracts and is commonly known as hot water extraction. Each one has its advantages but a good steam clean is the most thorough. Steam cleaning is our process and leaves the carpet almost dry before we leave the site.

How often should I clean the carpet?

The guide line is, you clean when stained and that’s up to you when you feel you cannot look at the stains any more. Some people have pets that may leave urine stains and walk in grit from outside. Some customers like to have the carpet freshened up for hygiene that lifts the inside atmosphere of the house, this may be an annual event. 

Does cleaning the carpet affect the natural protection and re-soiling of fibres?

A carpet cleaner will never take the lanoline out of a wool carpet. It takes large scouring machines in a factory to reduce the lanoline on a wool fibre to produce a carpet. Remember raw wool off a sheep is very greasy. If you have a nylon carpet with a stain preventer coating, this will help the carpet to be easier to clean. A good coating should stay on for five years. Some other carpet cleaning companies may use excessive chemical in the extraction with no preparation, this may lead to sticking residues drying on the carpet and pre-soiling taking place.

What chemicals do you use to clean the carpet with?

With use very safe active surfactant solutions to suite the fibre natural to manmade fibres and always a power boost to give the finish that extra touch of a super clean carpet.

Will stains come back?

Some deep oil stains from milks, food fats and car grease needs careful extraction. We suspend the stain and rinse the residue with the appropriate solution without delivering the oils deeper into the backing. This will avoid oily stains from wicking up the fibres again when the carpet is dry. Our process of stain removal is very affective.

What can I use to spot remove to maintain the carpet between cleans?

We have a range of maintenance spot removers in stock to help you remove spots and even new urine stains.

What process do you have to clean the carpet?

We aspire to the Australian Standards ASA 3733. We use steam cleaning as the most effective method. On heavier soiled carpet it may require a combination of methods to achieve desired results.

What is the best carpet to have?

Booth wool and nylon are very good fibres. All carpets have suitability to specific environments. We can advise from our pocket carpet buying guide and a site inspection to find the right carpet or flooring for you. We have a broad range of carpets to supply and lay to meet your needs.

When can I walk on the carpet after it has been cleaned?

You can walk on the carpet straight away. Make sure you wipe your shoes before you so the carpet does not to attract any residues from the hard floors.

Do I have to be carpet walking around the house during the carpet cleaning process?

Yes all safety signage will be displayed to make people aware that some of the hard surfaces may have moisture on them. Never jump across areas and please avoid walking over hoses.

When can I put the furniture back into place?

We install protectors under timber furniture. If there is any other furniture going to be placed on the freshly cleaned carpet it is better to leave until the next day to avoid extra traffic footsteps. Some items of furniture may be a timber that stains or may have metal tips that rust if there is any moisture in the carpet. Any furniture that sits flat on the carpet is best to be kept off until the next day.

Are there any odours when cleaning?

There may be a slight scent from our solutions. Wool carpets may slightly pungent that will disappear when dry.