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Fibre care products and matting

Fibre Care Products

The Sunrise Carpet Specialists store has a full range of stain removers & urine decontamination solutions that can help you ensure the right care for your carpets. We can also offer suitable advice and tips for effective maintenance of both domestic & commercial carpets.

Barrier Matting

Barrier matting is important for any entrance. This is because most people do not wipe their feet on a mat before they enter a building tracking harmful grit from outside to inside. And if there is no matting at the entry the grit will start being walked off at the next carpeted area walked on.

We at Sunrise Carpet Specialists can provide a range of commercial and industrial matting to protect your assets in the long term and for the internal health of your premises.

The primary beneficial features of our products encompass the following:

  • Heavy duty matting for high traffic areas
  • Grippers on underside to minimise movement
  • Raised reinforced rubber dam boarder traps moisture and debris inside the mat, preventing it from being tracked onto surrounding floor coverings.
  • Reinforced rubber raised squares that prevent pile from crushing, improving wear ability.
  • Nitrile rubber backing and boarders that won’t curl or crack, making for a great wet weather mat.

Vacuum Cleaners

Regular vacuuming is recommended to prolong the life of a carpet. As grit and dirt particles cut into the fibre that will diminish the texture and create fibre loss. There are many types of vacuum cleaners to remove dry soil from the carpeting.

Sunrise Carpet Specialists has quality upright vacuum cleaner for sale, an upright equipment with a beater-brush that will vibrate the grit to the surface by the aid of air flowing vacuum using a power of 1200 watts.

Our high performance upright vacuum cleaner can remove more than 81% of the dry particles in any dirty carpet. In heavier traffic areas, it is recommended to repeat the passes in multiple directions to achieve maximum soil removal.

So hurry up and give us call today.