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Sewage Remediation

Sewage over flows is a bio hazard and is classified as category 3 that harbours bacteria, viruses and parasites.
Bacteria are a normal part of our environment found in soil, water and air. Bacteria are single organisms that multiply exponentially and are categorised into two groups based on their shape and if they absorb a stain, Gram – Negative and Gram – Positive. Gram negative bacteria are considered more of a hazard as they can contain exotoxins and endotoxins. Exotoxins are proteins inside the bacteria cell which are excreted to the environment. Endotoxins are proteins found in the cell walls of the gram negative bacteria and can be hazardous if inhaled or digested. 
The most common bacteria found in sewage is gram negative. E.coli is the most common gram negative bacteria found in sewage. 
Gram negative bacteria also include –
Pseudomonas, Shigella.
Salmonella – Common bacteria found on raw chicken/poultry and eggs.
The primary objective on a sewage remediation job is to achieve a sanitary condition or zero pathogens. Building materials such as carpet, underlay, gyprock and particle board etc. that are absorbent are generally removed and discarded so the non-porous sub floor can be disinfected. In cases where an item has to be saved from CAT 3 contamination a complete immersion in a anti – microbial biocide followed by verification sampling.
Hantavirus -
Viruses can be also carried by air born urine and faeces gases of rodents and commonly found in crawl spaces.
The viruses can contribute to Hepatitis A/E B/C, Ebola, Norovirus/Chicken pox, HIV.
Parasites – Parasites are commonly found in sewage and be extremely dangerous or fatal when exposed to the venerable infants, elderly and immune compromised. 
Common parasites/protozoa include –
Giardia – microscopic parasite found in contaminated soil, food, water, and surfaces with faecal matter causing severe diarrhoea.
Cryptosporidium – respiratory and digestive parasite causing coughing and diarrhoea. 
Please contact Sunrise Carpet Specialists for advice regarding any contamination issues.