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Vinyl Flooring Installation Melbourne

Nowadays, vinyl can be produced in many appealing forms for flooring. And the vinyls supplied and installed by our team at Sunrise Carpet Specialists are ideal for premises such as - Hospitals, Aged Care, Health Care, Education, Light Industrial, Mercantile and Hospitality. Currently, we offer three different kinds of product in this category, which are:

Woven vinyl

We supply & install Bolon flooring, which is an architectural feature in a property. It consists of a woven surface that gives any room an air of elegance, hence optimising your investment. Apart from that, you also get a warranty of 15 years from the date of purchase. Designs can be chosen from as per your style preferences.

Sheet vinyl

Safety flooring

Safety flooring is essential in all commercial kitchens and areas prone to water. The vinyl we supply is industrial compliant and consists of Silicon Carbide, Aluminium Oxide and Quartz particles in a 1.5 wear layer over a fibreglass interlayer combined with cellulose backing that provides a dimensional stability and assists with installation.

Slip resistant

Easy to clean with embossed topography that reduces aquaplaning.

Vinyl planking – Domestic & commercial

For a long term investment in heavy wear areas in a restaurant or hotel bar, you cannot go wrong with vinyl planking that comes with a high commercial rating for durability. The designs come in various patterns including that of wood, stone, metal, etc. so that you can choose a suitable one for making the ultimate fashion statement.

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